Vincent Nalupta

I've been working on the web for over 13 years. Eight of those years were spent in e-commerce. At this point in my career I've seen it all and built it all. I believe in the free and open web as a conduit for the sharing of information. This information should be accessible to all people of all abilities.

I've spent the past few years building design systems to great success. My experience in e-commerce allows me to tweak the design system to AB test the user funnels. Some of my biggest wins came from the smallest of code changes.

I love to design. I love opening sketch and making anything I can think of (like this site). I've spent time executing designs for clients and then immediately building them in code. To me, code and design are simply different tools to accomplish an end product.

I now manage a team of engineers that handle everything from managing and maintaing our Javascript framework, to building and scaling our design system. After spending years building features for the core ordering flow, I get to oversee the very bottom and very top of our stack. I get to understand the product in a way that few people can.

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current as of August 1, 2020


CSS Dev Conf 2017 - "Best Of" Speaker
CommArts Webpick of the Day
CSS Dev Conf 2017 Patterns, Language, and the Tale of the Million Dollar Button
CSS Dev Conf 2016 KonMari CSS
How User Testing Refines our Pattern Library
Design APIs

Tools I Use

  • React
  • Next.js
  • Gatsby
  • Angular
  • Node
  • SCSS
  • Typescript
  • Sketch


University of Maryland at College Park - B.S Computer Science


Team Lead

As one of three Front End Team Leads, I have three key areas of responsibility:

  • Core JavaScript Framework and Typescript
  • Design Systems
  • Accessibility

My team is composed of three front end engineers in house and one offshore. Since we are non-product facing, I directly manage our product backlog and roadmap.

Historically, I have been responsible for optimal CSS delivery and architecture. Hyper-focused on paint and load times, performance bottlenecks, and optimal asset delivery. I also provide assistance to all Front End Engineers on CSS and any of our three areas of responsibility.

Senior Front End Software Engineer

Manager of the Front-End Style Guide (Pattern Library), often sitting at the intersection of Design, Product, and Engineering. Consistently shipped features that were among the highest grossing on the web team.


Front End Engineer
  • Front End scrum lead for $6 billion fashion company.
  • Consistently met tight deadlines in a fast-paced, high output, Agile scrum team.
  • Regularly recognized and awarded at company all-hands for exemplary work on the most highly trafficked pages (Product Detail Page, Search & Sale).

Noble Desktop


Taught full CSS course and front end development to continuing education students as part of the web development curriculum.

Look North Inc.

Web Developer & Designer

Front End Developer in the Expression Engine CMS, creating sites for high profile clients including:

  • ESPN
  • Jessica Seinfeld
  • Tim Goodman
  • Suzie Orman

and other NYC personalities and small businesses. Spent 25% of time designing.

Seton Hall University

Web Developer & Designer

Worked in WordPress an PHP MySQL apps. Spent 20% of time designing.